THE ATHLETE FACTORY is a world class training facility based at 124 Aerodrome Road, Mt Maunganui.

We are not your standard gym! We are all about our members getting results! We are a programme-driven training facility with programmes to cater for the diverse needs of children, youth, high performance athletes and the general population.

At THE ATHLETE FACTORY we have two very distinct offerings:

Through our AF Speed School, AF Academy and Foundation Athlete programmes we offer a progressive and engaging approach to long-term athlete development. Each programme focuses on the key.

Through our AF Team programme we offer a results-based approach to health, fitness and general wellbeing. This programme is focused on teaching the fundamental movements required to both achieve your long-term health and fitness goals, and also build strength and resilience.

Our Programmes:

Foundation Athlete

Foundation Athlete is our signature programme at THE ATHLETE FACTORY and is a High Performance Programme designed for aspirational athletes wanting to take their chosen sport to the next level.
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AF Academy

Our Long-term Athlete Development programme. Designed for athletes aged 11–18 years, AF Academy builds resilience and athleticism that will complement your sports- specific training.
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AF Speed School

Focused on developing functional movement patterns and running mechanics in children aged 5–10 years. AF Speed School is fun and engaging and led by Coach Richard Sylvester.
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AF Team

AF Team Training is a multi-option programme designed to offer group-based training solutions to suit your own individual goals. The programme includes all encompassing support and facilities within FOUR different Class types – and each class type offers a varied approach.
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AF Rehab

The AF Rehab Programme has been designed to cater for the needs of athletes and people who are returning to sport or activity after a long-term injury, or those simply battling to remain injury free.
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AF Athlete Testing

A multitude of tests designed to provide athletes with a snapshot of where they are at from an athletic and movement perspective. Find out how you compare to world-class athletes and how you can improve.
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AF Open Gym

Enjoy the benefits of training in a world-class training facility with the flexibility to train when you want to. Open Gym hours are 6am – 8pm Mon–Fri and 7.30am – 9.30am Saturday mornings.
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Inside Running Academy

NZ’s leading private international rugby academy and based at THE ATHLETE FACTORY where Short-term (5 day) Camps and Long-term Player Development camps (4–40 weeks) are run.
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Our Staff:

Key Coaching Team:

Tim Wilson

Ricci Persico | Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

I am originally from Nelson but am fresh off of 5 and a half years of study down in the deep south (Dunedin) where I completed a Bachelor of Physical Education and Masters in Applied Science.

I am very much looking forward to immersing myself into the Mount lifestyle, and more importantly seeing the sun more than once a month!! During my time in Dunedin, I was lucky enough to work with a range of individuals, from people just looking to lead a healthier life, youth academy programmes and elite athletes. The last two years have seen me working with the Pulse Energy Highlanders as well as being an intern at HPSNZ.

Although I have worked with super rugby players on a daily basis, nothing brings me more joy and ignites my passion for health, well-being and performance more than working in the youth development space. The ability to have a long-standing impact on not only a youth’s physical competency but also being able to help them explore key learnings such as communication, team work, work ethic, etc., means they leave the facility not just as better athletes, but better people.

Crawford Robb | Strength & Conditioning Coach

My passion for Strength and Conditioning stems from competing in sports at a representative level both here in New Zealand and abroad. My own strive for a healthy, yet social lifestyle led me to the Bay of Plenty from Christchurch.

Throughout my career as a Strength and Conditioning coach, I have had the chance to work with a wide range of athletes from those who are simply looking to better their lives through health and fitness to elite athletes at the absolute pinnacle of their disciplines. This has enabled me to mould my own blend of coaching, which puts emphasis on the athlete’s wellness as well as achievement in their chosen sporting fields and their everyday lives.

I plan to continue further study within the field of sport science, ensuring my coaching is best practice and continually evolving to what is best for each of my athletes.

Keepa Mewett

Richard Sylvester | Strength & Conditioning Coach

My name is Richard Sylvester or “Richie” as they call me here in New Zealand. I am a life-long sports and fitness enthusiast that is willing to try most things.

My personal sporting career has included American football, track and field, basketball, football. I have also participated in Capoeira, Parkour and Olympic Weightlifting.

My friends describe me as a “Jock with a Master’s”. They do this to recognise my endless love for sports, fitness and health along with, my curiosity for knowledge related to the fitness field.

I have 10 years experience as a Strength and conditioning coach which has always included a mix of youth athletes and varsity athletes. I endeavour to make a meaningful and profound impact professionally and personally during my time here in New Zealand.

Keepa Mewett

Eimear O’Gorman | AF Team Coach

I qualified in Ireland with degrees in Physical Therapy, Sport Health and Exercise Science and Strength and Conditioning but fancied a bit of a change so came to New Zealand 3 years ago, home of the mighty All Blacks. During my time here I have been incredibly privileged to combine my education and work with some great athletes including the NZ Maori U18’s and now some of the up and coming sports stars as a part of Foundation Athlete.

I coach the AF Team and also work with Foundation clinic. I  love getting to work with some fantastic physios and coaches who all have the same goal in mind for our athletes, helping them reach their peak performance. My sports of choice were Gaelic football and camogie but there’s not too many of those teams knocking around these shores so I try live vicariously through the rugby teams I work with. 


Nicky October

Mike Rogers | AF Director | General Manager

I have been working in the sports management, coaching and rehabilitation sectors since 2003 and have a real passion for youth athlete development.

I believe that sport is the most effective method to develop leadership and positive character traits in youth.

It is these learnings through sport that enable our young people to grow holistically to face today’s physical and mental health challenges. I am extremely proud of THE ATHLETE FACTORY, and look forward to having a positive impact on the lives of many in the Tauranga and wider Bay of Plenty regions.

Nicky October

Nicky October | Manager

I am originally from Christchurch but have resided in Mt Maunganui with my husband, Mikaere, for the past eight years.

I work in a joint role between THE ATHLETE FACTORY and Inside Running and really enjoy the varied and sports-related nature of the job.

I am also a qualified gymnastics coach, so am really passionate about youth development through sport and as such I just love my job!

Laura Hardy | Coach & Administrator

With qualifications in both Strength and Conditioning Coaching and Massage, I have been able to combine my passions for coaching and rehabilitation within sport and have had the opportunity to work with some great teams and people in the process.

At the Athlete Factory I assist with some of the coaching as well as all administration support.

Other Staff:

Nicky October

Craig Newland | AF Director | Head of Medical Services

I have been working as a physiotherapist in the musculoskeletal and sports industry for the past ten years. During this time I have specialised in sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation, including completing a post-graduate diploma in Sports Medicine. Throughout my career I have worked within various musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy clinics together with several high performance sports teams and Athletes. In 2013 I established Foundation Sports & Rehabilitation Clinic. The team at Foundation play an integral part at THE ATHLETE FACTORY, working with our Strength and Conditioning team to improve our athlete’s skills and ability, while keeping them safe and injury free.

Nicky October

Rachel Scrivin | Sports Nutritionist & Dietician

MSc, PG Dip Diet (Dist.), BCApSc, BPhEd, AdvSD, NZRD

Hi, I am a New Zealand Registered Dietitian (NZRD) and Advanced Sports Dietitian, accredited with Sports Dietitians Australia.  I have over 22 years’ experience working with high performance athletes, weekend warriors, and people wanting reliable, evidence based nutrition information.  I have worked as a senior Clinical Dietitian in both New Zealand and London hospitals, as a contractor for ACC, and recently for nearly 6 years, as Head of Nutrition and Dietetics for the UAE armed forces (Abu Dhabi).

In addition to being a qualified Dietitian, I am ISAK (International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry) accredited technician, so I can offer accurate body composition analysis.

I have been a fitness instructor for over 25 years in addition to being a competitive squash player for most of my life, so I understand how nutrition fuels your body to enhance your performance.

I have just started working part time on my PhD focusing on gut health and endurance exercise which will be an exciting next few years!

Nicky October

Zane Winslade | Mental Skills Coach

I am a trained coach and mental skills consultant who specialises in helping athletes accomplish their goals in sport and in life. My education includes a Bachelors Degree in Sports and Leisure Studies, a Graduate Diploma in Teaching and a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology from John F Kennedy University.

I have experience working with athletes from a range of sports. My strengths lie in preparing athletes for consistent performance in high pressure situations, developing a flexible and optimal performance mindset and engaging athletes with a realistic plan dedicated to helping them achieve their dream.

Nicky October

Ashley Davidson | Massage Therapist

I graduated from the NZ College of Massage in 2014 as a certified massage therapist and then continued to gain experience in the field from working at spas and clinics. I then discovered my passion for sports massage and rehabilitation as I became and more involved with sports teams and athletes. I continued to up-skill my education with a Diploma in Sports Massage. Every day I continue to gain experience, working with international teams that travel to New Zealand as well as assisting athletes to perform to their optimum. My passion has always been with sports and I believe to maintain and improve, athletes must have a well balanced recovery and rehabilitation plan including sports massage.

Nicky October

Lauren McDonald | Physiotherapist

Originally from Auckland, sports became my passion from an early age, however, my love for all sport resulted in my fair share of injuries and physiotherapy sessions. Hence, I decided to focus my career on helping others regain full function. After graduating in 2013 and completing my post graduate certificate in Acupuncture in 2016, I’ve worked with some amazing sports squads including Otago University Football Assoc, Porirua North Premier & Senior Rugby, Mt Eden Under 21s Rugby and Under 16 Wellington Hurricane Rugby. Currently I’m the Lead Physiotherapist for Inside Running Academy and Tauranga Sports Rugby Club. I have a love for sports rehab and really enjoy the challenge of post-operative rehab rehab.

Nicky October

Adina Holder | Physiotherapist

Raised in mighty Manawatu by a fanatical sports family, I decided to centre my career around my passion for physical activity. I graduated from Otago University in 2011 with Distinction in Bachelor of Physiotherapy and have been based in a musculoskeletal setting since. Additionally I gained a Certificate in Western Acupuncture and a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy. My professional experience spans across premier rugby teams in Otago and Waikato, NZ age group and Masters Volleyball, national swimming athletes, NZ jockeys and womens rugby. I love being a physiotherapist and strive to deliver a comfortable, friendly experience, while helping clients achieve their own personal goals. I relish a challenge and people are my passion.

Our Interns:

Kristy EarnsHAW


Ronan Gaisford Carter


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