Our Programmes:

AF Speed School

Focused on developing functional movement patterns through a blend of games and  structured training to cater to all kids. We have sessions available for 3-4, 5-8 and 9-10 year olds
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AF Academy

Our Long-term Athlete Development programme. Designed for athletes aged 11–18 years, AF Academy helps develop kids in to well rounded athletes
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AF Team

AF Team Training is an individualised Strength and Conditioning programme to meet ypour goals, completed in a team environment. There is something for everyone in this programme.
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Foundation Athlete

Foundation Athlete is our signature programme at THE ATHLETE FACTORY and is a High Performance Programme designed for aspirational athletes wanting to take their chosen sport to the next level.
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Inside Running Academy

NZ’s leading private international rugby academy and based at THE ATHLETE FACTORY where Short-term (5 day) Camps and Long-term Player Development camps (4–40 weeks) are run.
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AF Athlete Testing

A multitude of tests designed to provide athletes with a snapshot of where they are at from an athletic and movement perspective. Find out how you compare to world-class athletes and how you can improve.
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