Our Programmes:

THE ATHLETE FACTORY is a programme-driven training facility with programmes to cater for the diverse needs of children, youth, high performance athletes and general population.

AF Kids

Designed for kids aged 5-10 years. Our AF Kids classes develop movement competency through bodyweight movements. The aim is to build confidence through the development of skill proficiency and movement capability.
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AF Youth

Our Long-term Athlete Development programme. Designed for athletes aged 11–18 years, AF Academy helps develop kids in to well rounded athletes
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AF Open Gym

A multitude of tests designed to provide athletes with a snapshot of where they are at from an athletic and movement perspective. Find out how you compare to world-class athletes and how you can improve.
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AF Premium

AF Premium is our signature programme at THE ATHLETE FACTORY. Advanced strength and conditioning coaching tailored to your individual needs.
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Fit AF

A group-based, supportive & positive training & fitness community. Fit AF is designed to get people moving at their own pace, enable them to build confidence and to create a positive relationship with health and exercise.
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Designed for kids aged 5-10 years. Our AF Kids classes develop movement competency through bodyweight movements. The aim is to build confidence through the development of skill proficiency and movement capability.

We connect the dots between learning a new skill or movement in a closed drill activity to replicating that skill or movement in an open games based environment. Kids will be challenged and encouraged to work hard during classes.

Our aim for every session is:
1) Learning a movement or skill
2) Working hard
3) Challenging new learnings in an open environment
4) Enjoyment through game based whole-part-whole practice

For more details, email [email protected]


Monday – Friday 4.00pm – 5.00pm 


$19.90 per week for unlimited classes per week.

AF Youth is focused on basic movement competency and building a fundamental movement toolbox to grow confidence in young people, not only for the participation in sport, but for an active and healthy life. AF Youth works on a three tier programme where athletes are challenged and motivated to work hard at each level.

Tier 1:

Designed for Intermediate School aged kids (10 – 13 years)

Training in a group setting with a coach to athlete ratio of no more than 10:1. The programme aim is to navigate athletes through PHV, whilst building competence in the fundamental movements but most importantly driving a hard-work mindset as the key outcome.

Monday to Friday 4pm – 5pm

Tier 2

Designed for High School aged athletes

Training in a group setting but with more autonomy than tier 1. Athletes will be expected to understand what hard work looks like, be competent in the key movements but still require the support of a coach driving the session.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 7am – 8am
Monday to Friday: 4pm – 5pm

Tier 3:

Focused on Self-sufficient athletes (High School age)

Training in an individual capacity under the guidance of a Strength and Conditioning Coach. All athletes at this level will have their own individual programmes and will need to demonstrate that they are self-sufficient and capable of working on their own.

Training programmes and progress will be reviewed periodically (4-6 weeks) with regular testing and monitoring.

Monday to Friday: 5.30am – 8am
Monday to Friday: 4pm – 6pm



$19.90 per week for unlimited classes per week.

Foundation Athlete:

Foundation Athlete focuses on the long-term development of high-performance or aspiring high-performance athletes. It is targeted towards motivated athletes that require support in their training but are capable of being in control of their own development.


  • Fully individualised training programme. Every athlete has a training programme that is unique to their sport, training age and training goals, and strengths and weaknesses as an athlete.
  • The programmes are designed to be athlete-centred, with an interdisciplinary approach including regular communication with coaches, parents, and other people in the athlete’s support network.
  • Programmes will also take into account other variables such as time of year (sports season), and other sports training loads.
  • World-class support. As part of Foundation Athlete you will be supported with:
    • Free sports Physiotherapy from our on-site physios at Foundation Clinic
    • Discounted Massage Therapy, Sports Nutritionist and Mental Skills Coaching.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday6.00am – 8.00am


$50 per week


For more information about scholarship options please contact: Mike Rogers, General Manager, THE ATHLETE FACTORY, ph: 021784839, [email protected].

AF Team:

AF Team is an individual specific strength and conditioning training programme for adults, performed in a group environment. This group environment allows AF Team members to train not only under the watchful eye of their world-class AF Team strength and conditioning coaches but also with their fellow AF Team “athletes”.

Each AF Team member has a specific strength and conditioning programme that is tailored to their competency level, goals and sport/upcoming events. This allows AF Team to cover all of your strength and conditioning needs; from rehab to fitness, mobility to strength and sport-specific training – we have you covered with AF Team!


  • Fully individualised training programme. Each member has a training programme that is unique to their needs, competency level, and goals.
  • World-class support from the team at Foundation Clinic which includes
    • Free initial consultation with one of their awesome physios (either on-site or one of their other locations)
    • Physio on the gym floor during AF Team morning sessions to answer any questions you may have, offer advice or to book an appointment


Monday, Wednesday & Friday


Wednesday and Friday

5.30am – 7.00am

6.00pm – 7.00pm

9.00am – 10.00am


$35 per week

Our Open Gym Memberships are just $10 per week and allow you the ability to train in the gym anytime between 5.30am-7pm

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