Papamoa College AAP programme

Physical development on site at Papamoa college working with aspiring athletes from year 7 to 13.

Tauranga intermediate

Weekly on site physical development session open to all kids at the school.

Mount College

Morning sessions at The Athlete Factory for Rugby and Netball programmes. These sessions focus on the long term physical development of there athletes;
ADT athletes. Individualised progammes and coaching for the athletes selected to be part of the Colleges ADT programme. This has been established to provide support to a small group of athletes that have shown a desire and ability to progress to the high performance level of their sport.

Liz van Welie Aquatics

Swimming specific long term physical development programme established at Liz van Welie. Our coaches are on site twice per week running sessions before and after swimming sessions.

Arataki Rugby Club

We run weekly sessions and regular testing for the Arataki rugby club players. The club puts an emphasis on the physical development of their players and community and we support this through our training programmes.

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