We are proud to promote a number of community partnerships, providing tailored Strength and Conditioning support to a range of clubs and organisations in the Bay area.

Foundation Clinic

Foundation Clinic provides a high quality range of diagnostic and treatment skills, helping their patients set the foundation to achieve health and wellbeing and to achieve their fitness goals. With 5 locations across the Bay, including The Athlete Factory NZ, Foundation works with general population, active recreational athletes, and social/club level sportspeople in the clinic setting, and also attend training sessions where they run specialised physiotherapy clinics. All of their therapists work within sporting organisations to coordinate physiotherapy, injury prevention, rehabilitation and injury surveillance programmes.

Some of their physiotherapists also work with more elite athletes, working and travelling with individuals and sports teams, integrating their services with other medical professionals, coaches, strength and conditioning personnel and other support staff.

To book in with Foundation, visit their website www.foundationclinic.co.nz

Mount Maunganui College Sports Academy

The Mount Maunganui College Sports Academy was founded in partnership with Mount College to provide a pathway for all students who participate in sport at any level within the school, creating an environment and opportunity for growth towards being one of the top co-ed schools in the Bay of Plenty, and beyond.

Tuesday/Thursday 6:30am – 8:00am: Rugby Academy

Monday/Wednesday 6:30am – 8:00am: All Sports Academy

For more information, or to register, email [email protected] or Mount College Sports Coordinator Dan Meade [email protected]

WBOP Cricket

We proudly partner with Western Bay of Plenty Cricket to provide a world class facility for social, aspiring and high level cricketers. Our facility has 2 permanent enclosed cricket nets; one with a full length run up, and one half length approach. This offers a space for dual development with cricket coaching in the nets, and cricket specific Strength and Conditioning in the gym able to run simultaneously.

For any cricket net enquiries, email Sam Owen [email protected]

Tauranga Netball Centre

The Athlete Factory NZ has a long standard relationship with Tauranga Netball Centre, offering on-court netball specific Strength and Conditioning coaching to a large number of youth athletes at Tauranga Netball courts. We also provide in house Strength and Conditioning training run alongside skill specific training on a turf space. This offers a high level of development, training skills and in the gym simultaneously.

Tauranga Netball contact: Paula [email protected]


We provide Tauranga City AFC with continued Strength and Conditioning training tailored to their athletes’ needs. We run this throughout their season and also facilitate testing combines to test and track the players’ physical attributes, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and implement appropriate training to attain growth and improvement.

TCAFC contact: Barry [email protected]

Arataki Rugby Club

We partner with Arataki Rugby Club to provide Strength and Conditioning training for players, in a challenging and competitive team building environment. We use the wide range of conditioning equipment and space to facilitate training for the whole squad, with additional use of the turf space for games and skill development.

Arataki Contact: Billy Russell [email protected]

Mount Maunganui Intermediate

We have proudly partnered with Mount Maunganui Intermediate for a number of years to deliver morning onsite functional fitness sessions to their year 7 and 8 students every week. The sessions are specifically based on functional strength and movement for intermediate aged bodies with fundamental proprioceptive skill work incorporated into the training. These sessions are for any MMI student, whether they play sports or not, and aim to build positive habits with health and fitness, and instil confidence in tamariki through sports based activity.

For more information, or to register, please email MMI Sports Co-ordinator Andrew Spraggon [email protected] or Coach Ben [email protected]

Heath Street Cafe

We are stoked to have Heath Street Cafe on board as our partner cafe. Our favourite place to go for coffee, Heath Street Cafe is open Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 2pm, and Saturday/Sunday from 8am to 2pm. They have a wide range of cabinet treats as well as everything you could want from a breakfast-lunch menu to cater for the whole family. The perfect setting for a meeting or a catch up.

Address: 4 Heath Street, Mount Maunganui 

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